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California: Pick up the Can for a Better Tax Plan

Can the California economy stand another downturn? Right now, California is unnecessarily dependent on income tax. That contributes to tuition increases, growing inequality, an unstable job market, and no money for infrastructure. 

Why should the hardest working Californians pay for everything?  Shouldn’t we a have a more stable, equitable economy?
We live a service and information economy in the 21st Century—and California should, too. A longer-term plan to update our tax system and fix California problems is possible! And it will benefit all Californians. The rich and out-of-state corporations doing business here will pay their fair share. The middle and working class and small businesses will get a break. 

There are plenty of shaky things in California, but our economy shouldn’t be one of them. Let’s get off the roller coaster of instable revenues, disrupted social services, and irregular funding for the people and services the state depends on. They should not be funded one year and cut the next. 

If we all stand up to the special interests, partisanship, and our collective resignation that things have to be the way they are, change is possible. Solutions are here. And your politicians will listen. 

This animated video gives a common-sense path to a stronger, richer California for everyone.